Rotary Project


Balibo School Gardens


Port Melbourne, 9800, Victoria, Australia.

 Keywords: BIODIVERSITY, FOOD SYSTEMS, Gardening, School Gardens, Timor Leste

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Improving food security and quality education through school garden program in Sub-district of Balibo

We worked alongside Permatil, a Timorese NGO involved in promoting permaculture and sustainable agriculture in Timor Leste

The students benefit directly from the food they grow.  They also take what they have learned and implement it at home. Most families are subsistence farmers,


1. Install water to the schools
2. Setting up garden beds
3. Prepare vegetable nursery
4. Planting and harvesting vegetable
5. Growing tree seedling at school
6. Supporting community home gardens 90% of the activities have been implemented.

  • The students gain directly from the food they grow.
  • Students will use what they learn at home and have access to more better-quality food.
  • Many of the students will grow much of the food they eat during their life and it will be better quality and larger amounts as a result of what they learn