Rotary Project


Narana Bush Tucker Garden


RC Highton, 9780, Victoria, Australia.

 Keywords: BIODIVERSITY, Community Gardens, Edible Gardens, Indigenous Food

RC Highton have partnered with the Warralilly Community Garden Group- Armstrong Creek to help them establish the Narana Bush Tucker Garden. This is at the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre, Surf Coast Highway, Grovedale. Plants are used in the cafés’ kitchen menu, and for re-vegetating the native garden and will also be used for revenue raising for the group. Propagation of plants is taking place to also be an avenue to raise funds for future work at the garden. The garden has been designed to incorporate two extensive garden beds to compliment several smaller beds and a dome that is used for re-potting, propagation and planting. Two compost bins made out of disused pallets have been constructed at working bees with plans to add more. The Community Garden members have also created educational signage for each edible plant to educate the community on how plants were utilised in aboriginal culture. 150,000 visit Narana each year including local school groups, tourists, business and community members, creating a fantastic platform for external engagement.