Rotary Project


Bee Aware

Caulfield, 9800, Victoria, Australia.

 Keywords: Biodiversity, Land ecosystems, Pollination, Bees, honey

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We decided to bring the plight of Bees and other Pollinators to everyone. We designed a flyer with things that everybody can do at home and when out. These flyers were handed to people wherever we met them and posted on our Facebook site.
We started the BEE AWARE project because 65% of Agricultural production relies on pollinators to produce crops.
Honeybees are under threat throughout the world from diseases, parasites, loss of habitat and Insecticides.
Things that can be done by everyone are:
1. Plant bee friendly plants
2. Avoid using insect sprays outside.
3. Bees get thirsty, have some water in a bird bath or similar and have landing stone, sticks etc. for them to land on. Bees do drown.
4. Don’t be scared of bees, they only sting if they feel threatened.
5. If you see a Swarm – contact your Council or an Apiarist to relocate them – do not poison them, they are needed.
6. Buy locally produced honey from Department of Primary Industries registered Bee Keepers.
Maintaining a local urban honeybee population is critical and you can help by doing at least one of these things.
An added bonus for our Club was that we became a Registered Bee Keeping Club and now have two hives which we use the honey from to give to our Guest Speakers (not during the lock down).