Rotary Project


Powerful Pollinator NSW central slopes, Murray-Riverina and N E Victoria


Canterbury, 9800, Victoria, Australia.

 Keywords: BIODIVERSITY, FOOD SYSTEMS, Pollination, Land ecosystems

LINK: website,  Download PDF guide

For a number of years there has been a loss of habitat for bees and other pollinators exasperated in major bushfires.  There is an urgent need to replace this habitat because pollinators are an essential component of agricultural production and of healthy biodiverse landscapes.  Protecting and enhancing habitat on farms and across the community could be a focus of Rotary activity to help the Environment.  The WHEEN Bee Foundation with their partners are developing Planting Guides in a number of bioregions across Australia.  These Planting Guides are aimed to help farmers and other landholders select suitable plants that would flower across an extended season to support bees and other pollinators.  The first guide released covers the NSW central slopes, the Murray-Riverina and North East Victoria. 

Rotarians in these areas could help by getting involved, promoting replanting and using the guide to inform and aid habitat improvement.  The Guide and a Webinar are available