Carbon Estimator

ESRAG’s online Rotary Club Carbon Estimator

The ESRAG Oceania Chapter team has put together an online estimator to enable you to estimate your club’s carbon emissions from one event or for your years meetings.

A more detailed offline calculator is also available using excel spreadsheets and if you’d like to do this there is a team standing by at the end of an email request to assist.

Access it on the main ESRAG website by clicking the button below:


If we all take action we can help reduce Climate Change.

A first step is to estimate the carbon emissions caused by Rotary activities and ESRAG Oceania has developed an on-line club carbon calculator for Meetings, Events and Projects to help you do this.  Suitable for Rotarians in New Zealand, Australia and Europe, this calculator can quickly estimate emissions from your club’s activities.  

ESRAG Oceania has no responsibility for the use of this and other calculators.

The key factors contributing to greenhouse gas emissions in our Rotary activities include Food and Drink; Travel; Electricity, Accommodation and Waste. Over a year Rotary Club activity may cause 5 – 15 (t CO2e) of greenhouse gas emissions.  Whilst ESRAG would like every club to consider setting a zero or low emissions target this is a decision for your club.

Want to take action?

At ESRAG Oceania we are a small team of Rotarians who enthusiastically believe that individual actions can truly make a difference.